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Monday, March 5, 2012

Karaoke Winner!

I entered a karaoke contest about a month ago. Each week they chose a new winner then this past weekend they had a grand finale with all those winners competing against each other. I won! Yes and I had a really great time doing it too. I love to sing. It's just another little detail about me. I draw, I sing, I am a nurse, I crochet, I am a mother, and more. I beat cancer. I have a long list of accomplishments. I try to remind myself of these things when I start feeling kind of down on my self. I do often by the way. Lately I have felt a little better and with this recent win I feel even better.

I start working at the hospital tomorrow. I have been in orientation. Tomorrow is my first official day on the floor. Wish me luck, send me prayers, whatever it is you do!


Lynne said...

WOW! Congrats on the win! Also, want to wish you best wishes on the new job at the hospital, you're going to do great!

A Mom said...

congrats! like that hobby:)

The Constant Complainer said...

I used to work in a hospital, so I know how long and in depth the nursing orientations are. Good luck tomorrow on the floor!

All of your studies and clinicals will now pay off.

Enjoy your weekend and don't be a stranger!

Tim said...

Congrats Sandi! You are such a winner! There seems to be nothing you cant do. Sorry its been so long since Ive been around. Great to see you doing so well!

Love and Prayers,



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