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Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Would You Do For Free Steak?

 Yeah ok, strange subject I know. I do have a good reason for asking though. Does anyone like Johnny's Italian Steakhouse? I do! I love their food, their drinks. Amazing! I love love love them. So I liked them on facebook. Well they have a contest right now to win steaks. All you have to do it post a pic of your fave guy. Whoever gets the most likes? Wins. Easy. So I'm asking if my readers would like my pic I posted. I posted my hubby. Just look for my post by me Sandra ;) You have to like their page first
 Then all you need to do is like my pic.

Post here if you did. I want to thank you! Besides trying to get free steak (which is making me feel really hungry) I'm visiting with my family. My husband's brother is visiting us along with his wife and two little girls. He is in the Air Force and currently moving. He stopped here on the way. We haven't seen them since 2005 so this is really nice.

I want to do something this weekend. I plan to be social and have a great time. What about you? Is anyone doing anything fun for the fourth of July??


Kloggers/Polly said...

Oh Sandi, I haven't eaten beef for around thirty years so make mine a venison steak!

The Constant Complainer said...

Steak sounds great. I hope you had a great holiday. I was all about the fireworks!!!


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