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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Party on Saturday and Winning

On my birthday I won an online contest for 2 free sandwiches at a local bar and grill. I still haven't went to go eat them, though I'd really like to. I may have to save it for a weekend. I haven't got a lot of time during the week with the kids in school. I had a great birthday though. I took the family to see Gulliver's Travels and though it got some bad reviews I actually liked it. The only really cringe worthy parts were the peeing the fire out (though I heard this is in the actual book) and the very end scene....where inevitably Jack Black sings. The guys got vocals. He really does and I love his sound. I just think he doesn't have to put it in every movie. Honestly I think they tried too hard to put it in this one because it really doesn't belong at all. Other than that we laughed, had a good time. I get another birthday though because my big party is on Saturday. I'm just heading up to a local bar with lots of friends. I'm anxious. I haven't really been "out" in a long time. Bring on the Captain!!!!


Acadia said...

Don't drink Jäger. Jäger makes you fight! Unless you want to fight, in which case drink up!


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