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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I love tomatoes. I planted some this year. I don't really do the garden thing but I wanted tomatoes so bad. With my dad now gone, I don't know who will give me all the tomatoes I can eat. He always did. I miss him. I couldn't stand the idea of a summer without tomatoes so I just took it upon myself. So far I have gotten 3 red ones. I am pretty excited. I can't wait until I get more.

Other than the excitement of fresh garden tomatoes, things have been good. I have gotten out a few weekends in a row and had a great time. My oldest daughter has actually babysat for a short period of time twice. I love that I am beginning to be able to trust her with that responsibility. We are thinking of doing a Poker Run this weekend. I'll have to hire my usual sitter for that one. It's a long day on the bike. I absolutely love it. I haven't gotten enough time on the bike since about 2007!

I also had the opportunity to go to a local fair. That was a good time too. I do NOT want summer vacation to end. I am holding on to the last pieces of it until August 17th.....when nursing school will be calling me back. I do Peds/OB this year which will be cool. I also do Psych. We'll see how that goes.



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