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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sometimes I am Suprised

I get shocked when I realize how many different people read my blog. I guess I KNOW people read my other blog. Especially family members. However I do get surprised when I find people read here. I know my sisters do which is cool. I am still surprised when I find out others do since I don't really promote it much. I used to. I stopped. I had to censor what I say too much. I used my blogs as a place to write what was on my mind. In some ways I feel I can't do that to a certain degree. I don't want to offend anyone or actually make anyone take anything the wrong way you know.

Then again I haven't really used this blog in that way too much. I really just like to post what I have it study for classes or maybe get drunk after a night out. It may happen....though RARELY. haha That's the kind of thing I felt I had to censor or my real feeling on a situation, be it true or not. Then again I guess that's the trouble we all run into. We have to hold back to a certain degree. Do you find you have to do that on your blog?


Anonymous said...

I think everyone does to certain extent. I do some and nobody I know irl reads mine.

If I said everything I thought about some folks and their choices though it'd be ugly!

Karsun said...

Lord yes. I recently had a heart attack almost because I link my blog, twitter and facebook all together and a review I did that I did not want to go to my facebook showed up. I have ultra religious family members and a couple of friends who would have not been amused.

Still On The Verge said...

Hey Sandee! I have been looking for you since I came back. I finally found you!


Donald Swarbrick said...

You are doing fine, if we did not like what you say we would not return. WE DO, return, and we do like what you say. Don't analyse it just write. ha ha.


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