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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Been a Busy Month

Is it April already? Insanity. I am telling you this semester at school has been so hard and so busy that I barely realized I was half done. I will finish my first semester around the end of May. I am not sure of the exact date but I was thinking something like May 17 or so. I cannot believe how fast time has flown.

This past week I had my very first patient. Ironically it was a lymphoma patient. That's about all I can say, but that is the cancer I had. Mine was a different kind of lymphoma but boy can I relate to my patient you know? I was glad for the experience, learned from my inadequacies and complimented by the fact that the patient wished I was there all the time!!

Other than that I have been studying, writing papers, doing tests, etc. I do like to get out to relax on the weekends. It's hard to do with the amount of homework I have. But yes I am getting out tonight. I am going to see a band that my hubby's got a friend from work in. We'll see how good they are. I won't know anyone there which kind of dampens the excitement a bit for me. Nothing like going out with my girls. My friend is having a girl's night out birthday party this month. I want to go. Think I am too. We'll see. Last year's girls night out was a TON of fun!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Lydia said...

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Bill said...

Hello my friend it has been along time since i have been here. I was just reading over your posts and it sounds like you had a great first patent. Also you look very beautiful as always in the other pictures here. Have a great week dear lady enjoy your night out with hubby.

carol at A Second Cup said...

How wonderful you could be there for that patient.


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