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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break!!!!

I had a huge "test" that I had to pass yesterday. I put that in quotes because it is actually called a proficiency and it involves a series of hands on tasks. I had to learn how to do a focused cardiac, abdominal and respiratory exam. Then I had to learn a basic exam on top of this. Then when I went in I would choose between the three focused exams blindly, not knowing which I would get, then I would perform that exam on a fellow student with my teacher watching. If I failed I would have to do it again after two practices and have a teacher watching and possibly video taping it. Then the teachers would all confer together and decide if I should pass. If I didn't, I failed the class.
SO you can understand this was a stressful freaking week for me. My friends and I have been crazy this week. I have been giving exams to my pillows!!! I tell you, it's very difficult learning all of those from start to finish IN order. But I did. Yep. You heard me.

I PASSED!!!! I ended up drawing cardiac, the one I really wanted. I started practicing it first and it's the one I wanted. I have been so nervous because at the end of the actual exam you did the full basic exam too, then you have to the write up an entire report based on subjective material, the objective material including results of the exam. Like what heart sounds are heard where and where they are loudest, if you hear murmurs etc. But I did it. I passed and yeah I am freaking out.

Spring break this week and I am soooooo partying tonight!!!!


Anonymous said...

You always seem surprised that you pass or do good, but I am never impressed. Sheeesh girl everyone knows you are going to excel! It is awesomeness tho that you are doing good, even though we knew you would.

Have fun fun fun!

The Constant Complainer said...

Great job, Sandi. And welcome to a much-deserved Spring Break.


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