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Friday, November 13, 2009

Crazy Drivers and Plastic Bags

I've complained about them before and I'm doing it again. First let's talk about this plastic bag situation though. I remember reading a blog a few times all about a plastic bag. Yes it was called Windy or something. It featured random pictures of a plastic bag in various situations. No I am not kidding. I bet a lot of you have seen this blog. I wonder if it's still out there? I bet it is. I haven't seen it in awhile though. My point though is that I thought of that blog today on my way to school. I got to the big bridge I have to go over to get to school and saw a white plastic bag twirling through the air straight at me. I figured it would just fly past but hoped it wouldn't stick to the windshield or something horrible like that. It did neither. It caught hold of my side mirror and clung on for dear life. It was wrapped in such a way that I could never just pull it off, not too mention I wouldn't want to risk it sticking to the windshield of a car behind me so I listened to this thing flapping and it just annoyed the crap out of me for the next 2 or 3 miles to school.

So while I am irritated and distracted by the bag I suddenly notice a white car coming up behind me fast. I was driving a good 65 in a 55. I was keeping up with traffic and had no desire to go faster. This *expletive* of a woman literally was closer to my bumper than anyone ever in history has been to my bumper. I could see her hairdo and face clearly in my rear view mirror. I could NOT see the front of her car in my rear view mirror. She was THIS close. If I slowed down 1/10 of a mph she would have hit me. I had no idea for the life of me why she would follow so close. What would she accomplish by riding my ass like that? Well let me tell you. NOTHING. After a few moments I heard the high pitched whir of a crotch rocket coming up behind me. Next thing I knew there were two of these bikes passing me and the white car lady and dusting me at that. I am guessing they were going at least 90. It was a pretty crazy move considering wacky lady could have cut out to the right and hit them at any moment. She did get out after they passed me and she passed me on the right and disappeared into the horizon. Seriously.....what in the world? I was annoyed and the bag was still flapping annoyingly in the wind. I wanted that bag OFF my mirror!

I pulled up to school, got the bag off and walked into my class thinking of all the crazy lunatic drivers who try to make sure I don't get to class safely. That's my rant for the day. :)


Metallman said...

Hey there. Oh man. I've had a few plastic bag incidents before, but luckily, they only stuck around for a few seconds. I'd go crazy if it was stuck on my car for any more time than that. You must be a saint for not giving that woman a piece of your mind. Later!

Anne said...

I hate it when people tail me. When I see them coming up I tend to brake a bit so they know I have no intention of speeding up for their benefit. I drove I-95 in South Florida for years, but the worst drivers are here in southwestern VA. =)

Posh Totty said...

I always flick on my rear fog lights when someone is too close behind, it makes them think you are hitting the breaks and its amazing how quick they back off.

Anonymous said...

Most people can't drive! Take that observation from a dood with 500k miles on his truck and has been coast to coast many times on the highways! said...

Wow what a trip to school. I have to say I don't know where you live, but they drive like that here in NY also. Everyone in a hurry to go no where. Hmmm, wondering if that white plastic bag was some type of omen. Now I am curious to find that plastic bag blog, if for nothing a good laugh. Who would have thought of a blog about a plastic bag? Must be a lunatic driver as well ;-)

The Padrino Dot Com said...

I actually get really close behind people myself I cant stand someone driving slowly.

The Constant Complainer said...

Sandi, I love it when you rant. And I absolutely hate it when people ride on my a** and tail my car. When you can see their face clearly in your rear-view mirror, they are too close!

Staci said...

Windy is on the Junk Drawer blog. Last I heard, Windy is still in the tree, but a little tattered. Maybe it was Windy's long lost cousin on your windshield.

I get people riding my butt all the time like that around here. You're afraid to even slow or turn because they'll drive right into you. I actually did have one drive into me earlier in the year because she decided to turn around and feed her kid while still going forward. Everyone is always in a hurry. They never seem to realize that they're going to have to stop at the same red light as you a minute up the road.


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